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Steb's Amusements opened in 1975 (replacing a bar called The Hub) and was one of the first local bars to regularly feature live underground rock music in the area. It was founded by Jim Sayles, Steven Tufte, John Eveland, Loren Buser. The name "Steb's" was an acronym of the founder's last names. The exterior and interior of Steb's was uniquely decorated by colorful painted murals done by Steve Turner. In the early 80's, Sherm McNeal and Dave Mayer bought into Steb's and became the sole owners after the other investors cashed out.

Steb's was a pioneering live music venue and hosted many shows by local bands such as The Beveragemen and Drednex in the early 80's and brought in a lot of Midwest punk bands as well. Since Steb's was a busy venue and wanted to keep a variety of music, it was not always possible to get shows booked, so a deal was struck with Dean to book shows at his bar, Dean's Parkade Lounge.

After Dean's stopped allowing live music in late 1988, Steb's once again became the primary venue for live underground music.

It closed in 2000 when it was sold to local businessman Tony Tomlyanovich, owner of several other bars on College Hill. Tony bulldozed Steb's to the ground. No business has since opened on its grounds.

Live Shows

For a complete list of known Stebs shows, see the Stebs Calendar.