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Xenoglossia (Photo by Eric Melcher)



Xenoglossia (Photo by Eric Melcher)

An Iowa City band formed in the summer of 1987 with many fans in Cedar Falls. Their guitar-heavy sound was influenced by metal, hardcore, prog rock, punk, psychedelia and jazz.

In Iowa City, they played with many nationally touring bands at Gabe's Oasis, including the Lemonheads, Henry Rollins, Youth of Today, and The Mr. T Experience.

Band Members



Xenoglossia in The Secluded Ones
"The drumbeats are big, hard, and throbbing. The guitar twirls and swirls in a mesh of psychedelia. The bass slithers and interlaces its way through to form the musical stability of the band. The vocals seem to tie it all together with the demonic screeches and painful scratches wrenching from the gut of Ethan Richeson. Xenoglossia seem to scrunch themselves up as tight as they can, then violently they explode, scattering themselves out to an entranced laity who can, at worse, only manage to stop to catch their breath."