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The basement of the Wesley Foundation on College St. in Cedar Falls became a venue for punk shows in the spring of 1987. The basement could be rented for student events. A couple of shows happened here from 1987-88 until they stopped allowing punk shows to occur.

Notable Shows


Feb. 21 - House of Large Sizes, Crock of Dookey
April 11 - House of Large Sizes, Primitive Ritual, Crock of Dookey, Bill Somber
May 15 - Aggressive Chubbies, Crock of Dookey, Virgin & Child, Psychotrash (their first show)
July 31 - House of Large Sizes, Psychotrash, Rin Tin TIn, Dead Souls, The Dudes?


March 4 - House of Large Sizes, Psychotrash

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