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The Pee Pees came from the "Slew" of Cedar Rapids, Iowa (see also: Slew Style), and performed and wrote music primarily in Eastern Iowa from 1996 - 1999. The band was one of the primary progenitors of what has come to be known as Slew Style. The Pee Pees were a teenage punk rock band, but are less known currently as "Wheel and the Fence".

In four years, The Pee Pees wrote over fifty songs, nearly half exist in recordings. "The Pee Pees / Def Dames Split" recorded in 1996, was dubbed over side A of a cache of Def Dames cassette tapes found in a local record store. Side B consists of Def Dames, a female rap group whose promotion tapes went for the right price. The Pee Pees also recorded a split 7" with The Horrors of Cedar Rapids. There are several other live recordings from Gabe's Oasis that have never been released.

The rawness of Slew Style reached an international audience with the signing of The Pee Pee's brother band, The Horrors, to the label "In The Red Records" in the late 1990's. Both bands made a split 7" on their record label Firecracker. James Mcleese later played drums for The Horror's second album and tour. The Horrors disbanded in 2003.

In April of 2006, the band reunited after six years for the last show at the locally infamous 1109 House. The house could be viewed as the last phase of the Slew Style movement that operated in the DIY or Do It Yourself network. The event was documented on the local NPR affiliate.

Band Members

Many bands have shared the core of The Pee Pees, such as: Brazil, Wheel and the Fence, The Horrors, The Ear Mites, The Alrighties, and The Slew Birds. And despite the antagonistic origins of the Slew Style, Brazil (mistaken thought of as an Iowa City band) featured Matt Davis (1976-2003) of Iowa City, whose other members included Ad St Gr and James Mcleese. Wheel and the Fence, which occasionaly performs The Pee Pee and Slew Birds music, consists of the three original members. The Wire Hangers, of Slew creed, features Nathan Gilds, who once was a memeber of The Pee Pees.


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