The Beveragemen

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Beveragemen Artwork



Formed in CF the fall of 1982 (Paul having just left ATOY in DM and Jeff having just left the Ugly Americans and moving to CF).

Their sound was equally influenced by early punk and reggae/dub. Band members were huge Bad Brains fans.

First show was at an all-day party at someone’s house (Dave Myers’s?) where they set up a stage and had cover bands playing all day. After all the other bands had played, they let us go up and play a couple numbers. We took the stage sans drummer with Steve Turner banging on paint cans and anything else that would make some noise. Since it was now dark people pulled their cars up to the stage and flashed their headlights and turn signals. We played one song and then decayed into a mess of noise and feedback with Paul Stanard going into a huge rant about how lame the other bands were, which made the female lead singer of one of the bands cry which nearly started a brawl.

The last show was a free show at Steb's on the last day of school in 1983 – noteworthy for the huge crowd that spilled onto the Hill and drinking Stebs out of beer.

B-men played frequently around the state, made a couple of recordings, and broke up after less than a year when Jeff moved to Boston.

Band Members


Live Shows / Tours


  • Sept. 21 - Steb's - w/The Makers
  • Oct. 19 & 20 - Steb's - w/White Lies



  • Jan 28 - Iowa City