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Album Information

There was to be a third 5 song EP in the trilogy that began with I Ate the Painting and Portfolio. Unfortunately, House of Large Sizes broke up in November of 2003 a few months before the planned release date. Despite the breakup, the 3rd EP was still slated to be recorded and released. However, it seems to have fallen by the wayside and currently remains unreleased.

Recording and Plans for Release

  • The third ep was referred to as "EP3" or "TBA"
  • In March of 2004, Dave Deibler wrote:
"The trilogy will be completed, just a little later. EP#3 will not be finished by the March 29 deadline. I apologize for any inconvenience. Recording is moving a long, just taking a little more time then I expected."
(Source: Necessary Papers Yahoo Group)
  • In February of 2005, Dave wrote:
"Yes, the third EP will see the light of day. Hell, 'lost' would be a good title if it weren't for the TV show."
(Source: Necessary Papers Yahoo Group)
  • In a conversation with Matt Wilson in Febrary of 2007, Dave said that the recording of the instrument tracks had been completed in 2004 but that the vocals had not been recorded. He said that recording the vocals now would be strange, but in spite of that, at some point, he hoped to finish the EP.

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