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Val, Derek, and Scott of Sorry Excuse circa 1988


Sorry Excuse was a hardcore punk rock band from Mason City, Iowa. Derek returned to Iowa from San Bernadino, CA and met Val in a park and formed the bandl. Val and Pete and Scott had been playing for 2 years prior. Sorry Excuse touched on a group consensus and desire for unity, and action during the early punk rock days of 1988-89. Many shows played out and the city of Mason City had never seen anything quite like a Sorry Excuse Show. They played the Elks club in Mason City, Mankato, MN, The seventh street entry, Decorah, Cedar Falls, amongst other places and managed to seduce many otherwise "normal" people into a new found appreciation of alternative/punk rock mindframe/music. Unfortunately the band broke up in 1989 and Derek Reynolds played in several other bands like Waste Not with Jay Perkins from Waverly Iowa and later a more well known band "Tungnoanus" with Adam Tyler of Mason City. Val Perez is currently living in Mankato and is in a band called the Lucky Devils so check them out on My Space. Scott Ream has been living in Iowa City for the past 10 years playing in various bands such as Waste Not, Saint City Riflemen, and Tokyorama. Pete Lagios lives in Clear Lake, Iowa.

Band Members

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Live Shows

Sorry Excuse Live at the Boathouse, 1988