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This will probably be a little off since I haven't thought about this band in awhile but here is a brief history of the band. The band originally started as CCA or Cold Cranking Amps in Mason City in the early to mid 90's with Mick Meyers, Ryan Emmerson, Eric Eiseman and Charles Green on vocals. Things didn't work out well with Charles so the band parted ways and came across a young woman by the name of Alexis Bassett. Alexis had had formal vocal training and had a great range as well as being able to do "metal" screaming that impressed the band into giving her full vocal reigns upon her audition. CCA soon changed their name to Smakdab and history began to write itself. The band began developing a local following playing in anyones basement that would let them play and soon started getting club gigs in Des Moines playing with acts like Deadfront, 35" Mudder, The Rejects, GodKillGod, and the mighty Slipknot. Smakdab was gaining more and more success and wanted to fill out their sound. At about this time they invited Gabriel Wilkinson to join them with his keyboards and samplers to round things out and help with their vision of Smakdab and their sound. Smakdab continued to play out traveling through the Midwest and playing with acts like Mudvayne, System of a Down, Sister Machine Gun, American Head Charge, Hate Dept., Local Des Moines Radio Station's Dotfest II and of course Slipknot. Soon it was time to head into the recording studio at Junior's Motel in Ft. Dodge Iowa where Smakdab layed down their first record with Kevin Miles and Joey Jordinson at the controls. The self titled release also featured a guest vocal from Corey Taylor of Slipknot fame on the track "Shadowed". The new record gained a lot of momentum and the band continued to play through out Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsion and Missouri. Around the end of this period a second guitarist by the name of Cory Brunswald from Mason City was brought in to round out the sound some more and Smakdab continued to tour on the circuit. Eventually there were some differeces in direction and opinions and Gabriel Wilkinson parted ways with Smakdab. A few other's followed in his shoes and the band was asked to perform for an industry showcase in Atlanta Georgia. Like all things the band soon had too much tension and the members soon split in different directions. Eric and Ryan went on to form Secretly Drowning, Alexis joined an established Minneapolis band and Mick retired to being a father.

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