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Portfolio EP Front Cover

Album Information

A 5 song EP released by House of Large Sizes on September 16th 2003 on The Tyros Label. The EP was part of a trilogy which began with I Ate the Painting and ended with TBA.

Track Listing

  1. Wasp Killer
  2. Keys To The City
  3. Trendy Allusions
  4. Meet Me At The Kum & Go
  5. Portfolio

Liner Notes

Composed, arranged, recorded, and mixed September 1-12, 2003 at Fern Recording Service, Holland, IA. Engineered and mixed by Moody Blaine. Design and photos by Dana Lechtenberg.


  • “The angle this time around is the mirror opposite of the last release. While I Ate the Painting featured the band live in the studio, making it up as it happened, this EP takes a more deliberate approach. The songs were first played as basic guitar parts and recorded as such. Each band member came in and recorded their parts separately. We know what you're thinking. That's not how you make a rock and roll record. The weird thing is that this EP is just that. A rock and roll record. A hard rock and roll record album. Who would of thunk it?”
    Source: HOLS Yahoo Group Post by Dana Lechtenberg

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