Peyote Stomp

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Album Information

A 7" single by House of Large Sizes on Westworld Records (PS #2-A).

Track Listing

Side A

  • Hippie Neck Chop

Side B

  • Auf Wiedersehen

Liner Notes

Recorded Live to 2-Track on March 21st 1994 at Waterworks West, Tucson AZ. Broadcast On "Gimmie Indie Rock" KXCI 91.3 FM.

Limited edition of 500 pressed.


Hippie Neck Chop is an early version of Ball Dropper which appears on Glass Cockpit. Auf Wiedersehen is a Cheap Trick cover.


"These guys are only the best band to ever come out of the Cedar Falls area... This record proves it, Barb is a bass goddess."