My Ass-Kicking Life

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My Ass-Kicking Live Front Cover

Album Information

The 1994 major-label release by House of Large Sizes on Columbia Records.

Track Listing

  1. Sox on Spot
  2. Tired of Feelin’ Good
  3. Mean and Hateful
  4. Mohair Pair
  5. Plus One
  6. Nocturnal
  7. I Think I Know That
  8. I Have My Doubts
  9. Sneaking Up On You
  10. Water Lulu
  11. Big Wet Fella
  12. North Cedar
  13. In a New Place (Now)

Liner Notes

Produced by Tom Tatman, Dave Deibler, and Barb Schilf.

Recorded and mixed at Catamount Studios, Cedar Falls, IA.

Engineered by Tom Tatman. Assistant Engineer: John Thomson. Mixed by Tom Tatman.

Mastered by Wally Travgott and Capitol Records.

All songs published by North Cedar Music (ASCAP).

Art Direction: Stephen Walker.

House Puppets by Sara DiDonato and Jim Haverkamp.

Photography by Rodney Oman Bradley-Oman Studios, Daniel Corrigun, Lisa Johnson, HOLS.