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Looney Tunez live at the Boathouse, 1988


Looney Tunez Lyric Handout Cover

The Looney Tunez were formed in 1988 by former members of Crock of Dookey and the Carpetburns. The concept of the band was begun after Matt Wilson's mother Jane Wilson made a number of lifesize masks of Bugs Bunny, Sylvester the cat, and Tweety Bird as Halloween costumes for her daycare. These masks became the inspiration for the hardcore punk band Looney Tunez. The "z" at the end of Tunez was meant to be a dorky ironic gesture toward bands which intentionally misspelled their names. The band usually started their shows in costume, though in the summer rarely made it through 2-3 songs before taking them off.

The band broke up at the end of the summer in 1988 as all of its members went off to college.

Band Members

The Looney Tunez Unmasked



The Looney Tunez partially recorded a planned release in the summer of 1988 at a farmhouse South of Cedar Falls engineered by Nic Durnin. The guitar and drum tracks were recorded, but the bass and vocal tracks were never completed as the summer wound to a close and the band broke up.

In 1989, Matt Wilson added bass and vocal tracks to a few of these songs while he was in his first year of art school.

  • The Light is You
  • Punk?
  • Welcome to My Sensory Palace (a Side Q Concept cover)
  • Unemotions

The other songs have never been completed, including the song "You are Free", which was an attempt to create the longest hardcore song ever.

Live Shows / Tours


Anecdotes / Memories

  • During their show with Youth Of Today, Sara Shelton of Crock of Dookey got onstage to sing with the band. unsuspecting audience members were horrified by her screeching voice and one person who was at the bar and couldn't see the stage said "i thought it was feedback".
  • At their Island Park Boathouse show, they destroyed and burned a bass guitar formerly used in Crock of Dookey. The bass, after being lit on fire, was unceremoniously stomped out by Emmett Frankraun.


  • The Tweety Bird mask, handmade by Jane Wilson and worn by Looney Tunez drummer Brian Stockdale, was later used in live shows by both Slughive and The Sno-Mans, where it was worn by an animatronic guitarist (playing a vacuum cleaner?).