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Also known as "The Boathouse", "The Beach House", "The Cedar Falls Beach House"


The Boathouse is maintained by the Cedar Falls Recreation Division and is available for rent from May to October. It became a popular venue for all-ages punk rock shows, though its one drawback was that rental times ended early so shows had to be over by 9 or 10 pm.

It was best known as the location of the legendary Black Flag show in June of 1986. Black Flag, the pioneering hardcore punk band from LA, led by Henry Rollins and Greg Ginn, played one of their last shows together here with other SST bands Gone and Painted Willie. It was one of the biggest punk shows in CF history, with a crowd of 300-400. The show was a result of show promoter Chris Kenline, who convinced SST records to put the show on the tour. It began a long and successful run of punk shows featuring SST and other California-based bands in Cedar Falls by Chris Kenline and That's All Right Productions.

Notable Shows


June 19 - Black Flag (Los Angeles), Gone, Painted Willie (all bands on SST Records)


June 10 - Voodoo Gearshift (Des Moines), House of Large Sizes, Stone Wakening, Side Q Concept, Cynical Young Skins
July 15 - Voodoo Gearshift (Des Moines), Xenoglossia (Iowa City), Sorry Excuse, Looney Tunez
Aug 20 - The Libido Boyz (Mankato MN), Sorry Excuse, Looney Tunez


July 2 - Green Day, Stench, Mustard Seed (Iowa City), Gear Head. Sara, Denise, and Maggie got hold of GreenDay by calling the phone # on an Isocracy song. BillieJo showed up with only one shoe, Jason Hartman drove him all over cedar Falls and Waterloo to buy a pair of Chucks.


August 11 - The Vidablue, Long Live Nothing, Full Caste Crown. (According to tVB's Bob Adams, not a single person attended.)


June 29 - The Sno-Mans, The Eggnogs, The International Playboys


May 12 - The Clark Kents, House Arrest, Infandous, The Impossible Sit-Up, Diatribe, Neeto Torpedo


Aug. 8 - Marcato, A is Jump, Old Scratch Revival Singers, Safie, United Styles, House Arrest, The Mittens, The Clark Kents, Local Vengeance, Conspiracy, Prevail, Imaginary Enemies, Broken Arms, Ross Schupbach, Alexander Cole, Police Cops


May 12 - Betrayal Beneath Us, The Emblem, Knuckle Sandwich, Take Control


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