Idiots Wandering Around

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Album Information

A 1999 release by House of Large Sizes on What Are Records?.

Track Listing

  1. Green Lightening
  2. I Think I Know That
  3. School is a Drag
  4. I Have My Doubts
  5. Lazy
  6. Fingernail
  7. Two-Liter Man
  8. Glass Cockpit
  9. Pincher (Pincher) Martin
  10. Mean & Hateful
  11. Death Buggy
  12. Octopuses
  13. Lovely, But Deadly
  14. Albion Cut-Off
  15. North Cedar
  16. What if There's a Fire?
  17. Ball Dropper
  18. Cranko-American
  19. Carpool Lung
  20. Big Wet Fella
  21. Eisonhower
  22. Loaded Gun

Liner Notes

Produced by John Svec. Mixed by John Svec and Dave Deibler. Mastered by Jon Chamberlain at Catamount Recording.

Recorded with the Minstrel Mobile Unit during the months of February and March 1999 at Steb's Amusement, Cedar Falls IA; Maintenance Shop, Ames IA; Gabe's Oasis, Iowa City IA; 3rd Street Theater, Cedar Rapids IA; and 7th Street Entry, Minneapolis MN.

Field recordings engineered by John Svec and Phil Maas. Live sound by John Waltz, John Svec, and Randy Hawkins.

All songs by Dave Deibler, Copyright 1987-1999 North Cedar Music (ASCAP)

Design and Photography by Dana Lechtenberg.