House of Large Sizes (album)

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House of Large Sizes Front Cover

Album Information

A 2002 release by House of Large Sizes on What Are Records?.

Track Listing

  1. The History of Camouflage
  2. Creeps Like Us
  3. Seaweed Eyes
  4. Stop Sign Malaria
  5. Fine Time
  6. Lighting Rod Salesman
  7. Sudden Adult Death Syndrome
  8. Shovelful of Sparrows
  9. Twelve Angry Reindeer
  10. Trees Make the Wind
  11. Do You Want to go to a Movie?
  12. Angel Food

Additional Musicians

  • John Thomson - Hammond Organ
  • Al Schares - Slide Guitar

Liner Notes

Produced by John Svec and House of Large Sizes.

All songs recorded and engineered by John Svec at Minstrel Studios, Iowa City, IA. Some overdubs completed at Fern Recording Service, Holland, IA.

Mastered by Jon Chamberlain at Catamount Recording.

All songs by Dave Deibler, Published by North Cedar Music (ASCAP).

Design and Photographs by Dana Lechtenberg.