Heat Miser

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Heat Miser Front Cover

Album Information

A 1990 release by House of Large Sizes on Toxic Shock Records. Remastered and re-released in 1997 by What Are Records?.

Track Listing

  1. Heat Miser
  2. The Works
  3. Lovely, But Deadly
  4. I Know What I Like
  5. Big Bag of Dope
  6. Oh Yeah (Yeah)
  7. A Tower Bends
  8. The Other Part
  9. Death Buggy
  10. I'm Coming Undone

Liner Notes

Produced by Tom Tatman and House of Large Sizes.

Engineered by Tom Tatman and John Thomson; Mixed by Tom Tatman.

Recorded December 18-21, 1989 at Catamount Studios, Cedar Falls, IA.

Remixed May 27-29, 1997 at Catamount Studios; Mastered by Stevin McNamara at Colorado Sound

All songs published by North Cedar Music (ASCAP).

Cover Concept at painting "Apparition of Big Punk" by Jeff Olsen; Hand Lettering by Carlotta Calamari.

Photography by Sara DiDonato and Melissa Lockwood; Design by Dana Lechtenberg.

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