Glass Cockpit

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Glass Cockpit Front Cover

Album Information

A 1997 release by House of Large Sizes on What Are Records?.

Track Listing

  1. Cranko-American
  2. Carpool Lung
  3. Octopuses
  4. School Is A Drag
  5. Two-Tone Moon
  6. Pincher (Pincher) Martin
  7. Lazy
  8. Ball Dropper
  9. Albion Cut-Off
  10. Pig No Swig
  11. They Made Me A Criminal
  12. Fingernail
  13. Green Is The Ground (ETS)
  14. I'll Find It
  15. Homemade Zodiac

Liner Notes

Tracks 1, 3-8, 11-13 produced by Tom Tatman and House of Large Sizes, engineered by Tom Tatman, assistant engineered by Jon Chamberlain and Kerry Tucker, mixed by Tom Tatman, recorded at Catamount Studios, Cedar Falls, IA.

Track 2 produced, engineered, and mixed by John Svec, recorded at Minstrel Studios, Iowa City, IA.

Tracks 9, 10, 14 produced, engineered, and mixed by Brad Jones, recorded at Alex the Great Studios, Nashville, TN.

Track 15 underproduced by Barb and Dave in Fern, mixed at Catamount.

All songs by Dave Deibler, published by North Cedar Music (ASCAP) except track 15 by S. R. Turner, published by Cymryc Songs.

"Glass Cockpit" sculpted by Matt Lowe.

Photography by Dave Deibler, Sara DiDonato Matt Lowe, and Stephan Seskis.

Design by Dana Lechtenberg.