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Dean's Parkade Lounge was a Country-Western dive bar located on Main Street in Cedar Falls in between 1st and 2nd Street. Dean's consisted of two lots: A southern lot containing a bar with pool tables and Hank Williams Jr. playing through the sound system, and a northern lot containing a dark party room filled with tables and chairs, wood paneling, drop ceiling, and a small cement dance floor and "stage" (The stage was not raised but was level with the floor).

At some point in the mid-1980's show promoter Chris Kenline approached Dean about renting the party room out for punk rock shows. Dean agreed to this and for 3-4 years, from 1985 to 1988, some of the best punk shows in the Cedar Valley were played here. At its peak, there were 2-3 shows here every week. Nationally known punk bands like MDC, Fang, Saccharine Trust, Social Unrest, Pussy Galore, and Leaving Trains played alongside scores of local bands such as Drednex, House of Large Sizes, Primitive Ritual, Psychotrash, Crock of Dookey, and H.K.S.. In addition, scores of other Iowa punk and indie bands from Iowa City and Des Moines such as The Hollowmen, Stiff Legged Sheep, Burlap Elevated, and SDT played here.

Dean's left the space in the early 90's and was replaced by a bar called Mainly Lou's, which was subsequently replaced by a bar which currently is in operation called the Landmark bar.

A reunion/gathering of Dean's regulars was held on August 7, 2010 at Spicoli's in Cedar Falls. T.A.R. headlined the evening, along with Sinister Sons from Des Moines and two members of the Drednex performing as The Dred Nex Project. Opening was the Cedar Falls ska band Gettin' Stuff Done.

Notable Shows


Mar. 9 - Drednex, Stiff Legged Sheep
April 13 - Drednex, Stiff Legged Sheep, Pestilence
Aug. 13 - Orange Donuts (Kansas City), Drednex, Like a Horse
Aug. 29 - Drednex Cassette Release Party
Dec. 7 - The Dead Milkmen, Drednex


Feb. 14 - Drednex, Stiff Legged Sheep
June 13 - The Hollowmen, Drednex
June 27 - Stiff Legged Sheep, Horny Genius
July 3 - Das Damen, Drednex
July 4 - The Shy Strangers, The Woodys
July 11 - Red Throb, Suburban Death Trip
July 12 - Swingin' Teens
July 16 - Social Unrest, HKS
July 21 - The Leaving Trains
July 25 - Sand in the Face, Drednex
Aug. 23 - Primitive Ritual, Crock of Dookey, Aggressive Chubbies (Christ on Parade from S.F. was a no show)
Sept. 10 - Drednex
Sept. 20 - Muskrats (San Francisco), Stevie Clark (San Francisco)
Sept. 26 - Pussy Galore, House of Large Sizes
Sept. 30 - Fang (California)
Oct. 4 - Faint New Ring, Shell Game
Oct. 7 - No Allegiance (Germany)
Oct. 16 - House of Large Sizes, Primitive Ritual, Crock of Dookey
Oct. 25 - Saccharine Trust (Los Angeles)
Nov. 5 - Aggressive Chubbies, Crock of Dookey, Anon Guest
Nov 7 - Imminent Attack, HKS
Nov 12 - Plan 9, House of Large Sizes
Nov 14 - The Shy Strangers


Feb. 14 - Drednex, Primitive Ritual, UVP
June 20 - Drednex, Rin Tin Tin
Aug 21 & 22 - The Roses
Sept 15 - Drednex, Psychotrash, Rin Tin Tin, Bill Somber
Sept 19 - Maniax, Psychotrash, Rin Tin Tin
Dec. 4 - Suburban Death Trip, Psychotrash, Crock of Dookey, Kittyvision, Carpetburns


Jan 9 - Psychotrash, Kittyvision, Rin Tin Tin
Feb 26 - Kittyvision, Psychotrash, Artificial Limb Embrace
March 26 - SDT, Distemper, Insane Aggression, Psychotic Urge

Dates Unknown

  • MDC
  • Dissonance
  • Sand in the Face (NJ)
  • False Prophets (NYC)
  • Roger Miller
  • The Dangtrippers
  • Pop the Balloon /
  • Vampire Lesbos
  • The Johnsons / Smash Minstrels
  • Paul Chastain



  • Kelly Plumber nearly had the Dead Kennedys play Dean's on Halloween night in 1986. They had the open night and were traveling between MPLS and St Louis. They wanted to play unannounced – just appear on stage and blow everyone away. But we could not meet their price without advertising them so it never happened.

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  • Waterloo Courier Article - "Spicoli's get punked by Dean's alums for reunion shows" [1]