Dead Souls

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There was only one official show with the Dead Souls on the bill - this was at the Wesley Foundation in Cedar Falls. The Dead Souls line-up for that show was Jason Kerns on bass (Static Farm, HKS, Psychotrash, Stonewakening), Grey Wedeking on guitar (Psychotrash, Stonewakening), Matthew Hundley on guitar, vocals (Static Farm, HKS) and Brian Stockdale on drums (Crock O Dookey). J and Grey played with African masks on facing the audience backwards, Brian was face forwards, Matthew had face paint on and stood behind the band on a platform.

The Dead Souls did emerge at other times, typically in the ashes of a rehearsal or house show. Typically the line-up was Jason Kerns, Matthew Hundley + Brian Stockdale, Grey Wedeking, Matt Wilson (Crock of Dookey), Sarah Shelton (Crock of Dookey), or others. These eruptions happened on occasion at the House of Hundley, the House of Fecik, the House of Brian.