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College Hill is a small commercial area near the University of Northern Iowa comprised of many shops, bars, restaurants, and other businesses.

It was home to Steb's, one of the first local bars to regularly feature live underground rock music. Also to locally owned record stores such as Omni Records (late 80s) and CoOp Records (1998-2003).

"The Hill" as it is known, suffered a tragic setback in 2000 when local businessman Tony Tomlyanovich, seized by temporary insanity, bulldozed the beloved venue Steb's into the ground with plans to build a beach themed bar in its place. However, the beach bar never made it past the initial planning stages and Steb's still sits there, demolished, seven years later. In 2003 CoOp Records shut down due to disapointing sales. CoOp was the last locally owned Music Store in Cedar Falls.

Without the local music scene kept alive by Steb's, and a place to buy records, the Hill has vastly diminished as a destination for music fans.

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